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trav why is your life so cool

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Nature is not matter only, she is also spirit.

C.G. Jung.   (via natural-magics)

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You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you.

Isadora Duncan (via budddha)

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A visual study/exploration of the body in motion with a focus on yoga poses.

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Prayer and Action


'The Sufis have a saying, “Praise Allah, and tie your camel to the post.” This brings together both parts of practice: pray, yes, but also make sure what you do is necessary in the world. Have a life of mediation and genuine spiritual experience and, at the same time, discover how to manifest that here and now.'

- Jack Kornfield, Seeking the Heart of Wisdom.

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Sometimes, carrying on, just carrying on, is the superhuman achievement.

Albert Camus, The Fall  (via larmoyante)

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When you stop searching and you calm down and you put your books away, and you confront yourself and see what you are all about, that will bring about bliss faster than anything you can ever imagine or ever do.

Robert Adams (via theonetrueself)

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*Bohemian Bliss*

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Enlightenment is a destructive
process. It has nothing to do with
becoming better or being happier.

ADYASHANTI, The End of Your World (via birdstakemewithyou)

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Good Vibes HERE

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If your heart is beating, then you are a drum. Stay interested in your heartbeat, and you will find yourself a drummer. If you are breathing, then you are a song. Stay interested in your breathing, and you will find yourself singing. If you are alive, then you are a dance. Stay interested in your life and you can’t help but find yourself dancing.

Joseph Jastrab, Sacred Manhood, Sacred Earth (via cosmofilius)

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