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I am not sure if it is a stupid question or not but I thought that Buddhism was a whole different religion than Christianity. Could you explain this to me??


There are no stupid questions.

Yes, they are both distinct religious traditions, but that does not mean they are totally opposite. Most major world religions have a great deal of similarity, overlap, and ground for consensus if we will take the time to speak to one another, ask sincere questions, and treat one another with respect.

Just because I am a Christian does not mean I have nothing to learn from Buddhists, Muslims, or Hindus or vice-versa. We have much to learn from one another. There are a number of ways that kind of dialogue and understanding can deepen our own faith tradition. 

For more about my particular perspective you may want to visit the About Me page on the blog. There is a short intro and links to several posts that may answer more of your questions.

What matters most is that you follow your own path. Be your own light. Whether that takes the form of one of these traditions or not. 



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