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This Friday there will be 108 days left in 2012. That’s time to give back to yourself in whatever practice that works for you. If you’re looking for a deeper yoga practice, I recommend The Ultimate Yogi with Travis Eliot. It’s a 108 day program of yoga, diet, & meditation that focuses on cardio, strength, flexibility, balance, breathing, and health. I’m two weeks in and amazed at the quality and depth of the program. Travis is an amazing yoga instructor that challenges and inspires you. You won’t be disappointed.



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    I want this. Once I get off of prednisone I will get this.
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    why can’t I get this where I live and why is it a 100$ why :((
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  4. updatesfromtumbleweed said: I really have to give this program a shot. I enjoy yoga (but don’t do it often enough!) and would benefit from cardio and better diet (but don’t do those either!), so this is definitely worth checking out.
  5. consciousconsciouness said: Is it just a book, or does it come with a dvd/or cd?
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    Something to take a look at sometime.
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