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Our cat Buttercup has been missing since Friday night. I have two sad little boys in my house :(


  1. babyadair said: I hope you find your cat :(
  2. bookgirl46 said: I hope you find her safe and well…x
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    I think I would die if my dog went missing. I love my pet.
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  8. themeganalyse said: No!!! I hope Summer comes home! You, your family, and your cat are all in my thoughts.
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  10. stranger-obsessions said: looks just like my Summer… hope you find her!
  11. seaescape said: So sorry to hear that. Don’t give up hope yet!
  12. frankenstein-complex said: Oh no buttercup!!
  13. mindful-magick said: That’s rough…hopefully Buttercup will find his/her way home, wherever that may be.
  14. trulyliveeachday said: hope you find buttercup. Poor boys and poor kitty.
  15. correctionalpsyd said: Omg! I’m so sorry! I hope you find the poor cat. Just precious. :(
  16. youseethewavesinhereyes said: Noo ):
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  19. restlesssoulslikeme said: That is arguably the best thing about children having pets though. It’s almost like training wheels to get them acclimated to loss and death. Shame about the cat though. I hope she shows up soon
  20. lotuslily-trance said: condolences! I hope you find buttercup!
  21. stop-n-smilee said: Aweeee, Im sos sorry. Im tryhing to get rid of my Kitten</3
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    I hope you well find your cat!
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