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Hi again. Hope you are good. I was thinking if you could clear up my mind a bit. Lately i've been feeling my boyfriend is been distance with me. A lot of family issues and hard work this month. I've started to work to (to save money to travel to Oz to be with him), and i have little time too. But it just feel like i'm the one to blame of, and i want things to go back the way it used to. i feel lonely without him.


There is a difference in love and attachment. It can become easy to blur those lines when our hearts are on the line.

Attachment uses the attention & affection of the other person to satisfy our own needs and deficiencies.

Real love is selfless. We love for its own sake. We’re not using relationships to compensate for what is lacking in us in order to be happy.

When we are free, we can be happy, and we can also love without expectation of a return.

I forget who said it, perhaps Thich Nhat Hahn, “We must love in such a way that those we love feel free.”



  1. kittyknightly said: He’s not distant, life just put some obsticales in the way. Just deal with your life first.
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