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How do you deal with being Christian and following Buddhist teachings when there are little/no churches actually open to that kind of open-mentality. Do you go to church/practice Christianity, or is it just something that's a part of you because it is your past?


The about me page of my blog may help answer some of your questions. I don’t “deal with it” like it’s some kind of problem. It’s part of who I am. Any path that we walk should lead us to be our most authentic selves, whether a Christian path, a Buddhist path, or a different path. Places of paradox or tension within any path are not reasons to run away from them, but places that we can explore and dig deeper to find truth for ourselves.


  1. thewhole-hearted said: Very whole-hearted response. Thank you for your consciousness.
  2. realrobinisms said: Very well said.
  3. wendidarling said: why do buddhist and christian paths have to be mutually exclusive? not all forms of buddhism focus on buddha as a god, and a lot of christianity is mediation and oneness. right?
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