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Well, I hit the elusive 50 lb goal this morning. I’m back to what I weighed at 18. 14 months after starting this journey doing it the old-fashioned way: eating less, eating better, & moving. One small change, one step, & one breath at a time. What a ride it has been! I’ve learned so many invaluable life lessons. Nothing but gratitude for the trip.


  1. acciomolly said: So proud of you!
  2. sweetdreadfairy said: CONGRATS on your weight loss!
  3. taissiab said: Congratulations!
  4. callsmemolls said: Congrats, dude! So inspiring. In the middle of a similar situation myself.
  5. cryslishious said: That is wonderful! Congrats! I too am on a similar journey. Down 6 pounds in 6 weeks. Thanks for being an inspiration to others!
  6. summertriangle said: Congrats!!
  7. nennabanenna said: That’s so awesome! Keep up the great work!
  8. termsofproof said: Great job! :)

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