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Exploring how our energy is depleted and can be restored through our practice and an introduction to chakra meditation. A talk by Lyndon at Cenla Meditation Group on 6/4/13.

Exploring our actions & livelihood as part of the Eightfold Path that promotes well-being. A talk by Lyndon at Cenla Meditation Group on 5/7/13.

10 Practices of a Peacemaker

  1. Recognizing that I am not separate from all that is.
  2. Being satisfied with what I have.
  3. Encountering all creations with respect and dignity.
  4. Listening and speaking from the heart.
  5. Cultivating a mind that sees clearly.
  6. Unconditionally accepting what each moment has to offer.
  7. Speaking what I perceive to be the truth without guilt or blame.
  8. Using all of the ingredients of my life.
  9. Transforming suffering into wisdom.
  10. Honoring my life as an instrument of peacemaking.

Taken from Jean Smith’s The Beginner’s Guide to Zen Buddhism

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embracing the moment - love this!

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“Yes, ma’am. It’s called a broom.”

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The Dalai Lama embraces a Hindu Sadhu

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Great article by Brad Warner

Dharma is not about credentials. Its not about how many practices youve done, or how peaceful you can make your mind. Its not about being in a community where you feel safe or enjoying the cachet of being a ‘Buddhist.’ Its not even about accumulating teachings, empowerments, or ‘spiritual accomplishments.’ Its about how naked youre willing to be with your own life, and how much youre willing to let go of your masks and your armor and live as a completely exposed, undefended, and open human person.

Reggie Ray

Practice makes it obvious that in almost all of our life we are not greatly interested in our true self; we’re interested in our small self: we are interested in what we want, what we think, what we hope for, what would make us feel good, what would ensure our health, our well-being; that’s where our energy goes. An intelligent practice slowly illuminates that fact. And it’s not good or bad that we are like that, it’s just the way it is.

Charlotte Joko Beck, “Everyday Zen”


preparing the lamps

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Made a new mala tonight. Almost glued my fingers together, lol. I may play around with a few designs and post some for sale on the blog. Let me know if you’re interested. I may need to invest in gloves :)

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