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Forgiveness is not an occasional act; it is a permanent attitude.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (via wearefearfullyandwonderfullymade)

Forget the past. The vanished lives of all men are dark with many shames. Human conduct is ever unreliable until anchored in the Divine. Everything in future will improve if you are making a spiritual effort now.

Sri Yukteswar

From “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Yogananda

I have become very skilled at being able to forgive and not hold hostility in my heart. However, do you have any advice on how to avoid regressing back to a person? My kindness is my greatest strength and also my greatest weakness. I'm not sure where I should draw a line, or if a line should be drawn at all.


Keep forgiving. Keep opening your heart. Forgiveness isn’t a one time act. It’s a conscious choice repeated over and over again. Forgiveness means never putting the person out of your heart. It doesn’t excuse what they did or give them permission to repeat it. It just means you choose to let it go and forgive for your own sake. That empowers you. It doesn’t make you weak. It may mean that you are vulnerable because you choose not to close your heart and shut others out of your life, but you just keep on loving.

In some ways to be able to forgive, to let go, is a type of dying. It is the ability to say, “I am not that person anymore, and you are not that person anymore.” Forgiveness allows us to recapture some part of ourselves that we left behind in bondage to a past event. Some part of our identity may also need to die in that letting go, so that we can reclaim the energy bound up in the past.

Sharon Salzberg, “Loving-Kindness”

(via amorvincitomnia831-deactivated2)

What does letting go on the practical level tell us? Letting go is different than denying or repressing. To let go of something is to admit it. You have to own it. Letting go is different than turning it against yourself; different than projecting it onto others. Letting go means that the denied, repressed, rejected parts of yourself, which are nonetheless true, are seen for what they are; but you refuse to turn them against yourself or against others. This is not denial or pretend, but actual transformation.

The religious word for this letting go is forgiveness. You see the imperfect moment for what it is, and you hand it over to God. You refuse to let any negative storyline or self-serving agenda define your life. This is a very, very different way of living; it implies that you see your mistakes, your dark side, but you do not identify with either your superiority or your inferiority.

Forgiveness is of one piece. Those who give it can also receive it. Those who receive it can pass forgiveness on. You are a conduit, and your only job is not to stop the flow. What comes around will also go around. The art of letting go is really the secret of happiness and freedom.

Richard Rohr

"Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it."

- Mark Twain

(Photo: untitled by michi says hi on Flickr.)

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As I learned to tolerate rather than hate my pains (physical, emotional, and mental), I saw that pain was nothing more than unpleasant sensory experience. It was resistance, fear, and hatred that caused real suffering. So then I began to have some mercy on myself. I began to pause in moments of difficulty, to be mindful of the sensations and tolerate them without reacting.

Noah Levine and The Heart of Revolution (via restoried)

(via restoried-deactivated20120304)

You are human & only human, a wonder & a mystery. Offer yourself the same forgiveness you seek, my friend.


(via word / Forgiveness)

(via lovepink2121212)


Si alejamos nuestros sentimientos o emociones fuertes, usualmente éstos regresan con más fuerza y de una manera más problemática. Es imposible no sentir algunas cosas. Es parte de lo que nos hace humanos. No está mal sentirse enojado cuando tú o tus seres queridos son lastimados. No reprimas lo que sientes.

El perdón no significa que lo que la otra persona hizo está bien. No significa que fue algo sin importancia. No significa que no debamos sentirnos legítimamente molestos por eso. PERDÓN significa que a pesar de que tienes todo el derecho de estar molesto, TÚ escogiste olvidar y continuar con tu vida. Tú eres quien controla y le da poder al acto de perdonar. Una víctima no tiene control, pero tú no eres una víctima, sino el resultado de tus sentimientos acerca de lo que pasó.

Al perdonar tú escoges la dirección que tu vida tomará. Separas tu identidad del evento negativo. Cuando estés listo, escoge perdonar —Si no estás listo, está bien. No es tu momento—.  

Sé amable contigo.

Tú, junto con cualquier otro en el universo, mereces tu amor y respeto -Buda.

vía Words Less Spoken (

Translated by nebali. Thank you, friend!

When You’re Hurt by Those Close to You

In response to a question I received about how to get rid of feelings of anger and hate after being hurt by those close to you.

If we push our feelings or strong emotions away from us, they often become stronger and more troublesome. We can’t not feel some things. It’s part of what makes us human. You are not wrong to feel the way you do. When you or your loved ones are hurt, it is natural to be angry. Allow yourself to feel the way you do. 

Forgiveness doesn’t mean that what the person did to us is ok. It doesn’t mean that it was a small thing. It also doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be legitimately upset about it. Forgiveness means although you have every right to be angry, you choose to let go and move on with your life. You are the one in control and empowered in the act of forgiveness. Victims have no control, but you are not a victim, any more than you are your feelings about what happened. By forgiving you choose the direction your life will take. You separate your identity from what happened to you. When you are ready, choose to forgive. If you’re not ready, that’s ok too.

Be gentle with yourself. Be kind to yourself. You, as much as anyone in the universe deserve your love and respect -Buddha.

May you be safe. May you be happy. May you be healthy. May you live with ease. ~Namaste

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[Explored] There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love by ♥ Minnie | Photography ♥ on Flickr.

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